Industry Leader in vegetable and animal oils for feed

Our factory’s production capacity is over 20 thousand tons per year.

Based on the experience of Arıkan family in feed, soap and chemical industries for over 30 years, our firm has been established and headquartered in Izmir since 2015. There is a facility located in Gazientep Province, Nizip District to produce foodstuff fatty acid within the body of Erim Arıkan Yağ A.Ş.. Our factory contributes to the raising of millions of poultrys each year thanks to the vegetable acid oil for feed produced over 20 thousand tons per year. Based on its leading position in the industry of vegetable and animal oil for feed and its responsibility for being a model firm with its innovative approach and R&D activities , it has taken meeting the needs of the industry as a principle. The reason why it has come to the forefront as compared with the other firms in the industry is because it acts in accordance with the standards GMP+ and ISCC.

  • To acquire positive gains in terms of community health by providing reliable high-grade service both in Turkey and certain points around the world without compromising quality.

  • To be a name sought-after in the food industry without compromising our quality and value principles.